Jordans Solicitors move to new flagship office in Wakefield

November 2, 2011

Jordans Solicitors We are delighted to announce Jordans Solicitors have moved to new offices at 18 King Street, Wakefield. This is an exciting time for the Firm. We are expanding the range of services which we are able to offer clients in the ‘5 Towns Area’ and which is already complimented by our existing Castleford Office.

This move represents a significant investment for us and reflects our pride in being an established part of the local community. Clients have access to the full range of legal expertise ranging from our established commercial services team to our new family mediation service which is being launched this month.

One of the key reasons for growth is the importance we put in our infrastructure and IT systems.  We are launching a new state-of-the-art website and are one of the first law firms in the area now able to offer divorce online. This reflects the demands from working people to be able to make arrangements out of office hours and in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Jordans Solicitors move to new flagship office in Wakefield

Our solicitors are among the best in our region and on a national stage, it has recently been announced that we have been shortlisted in the national Personal Injury Awards 2011. The awards celebrate the excellence of individuals and organisations across the whole of the personal injury claims sector.

For further information, please contact Jordans Solicitors on 01924 387110 and ask to speak to Stephen Proctor or visit


Pre-nuptial agreements gain legal weight

October 28, 2010

Until recently, many people saw Pre-Nuptial Agreements as the preserve of the rich and famous. They are now more likely to become more mainstream after a decision of the Supreme Court.

In a landmark case, the Supreme Court has decide that a Pre-Nuptial Agreement should be followed, provided that it is fair, that both individuals have freely entered into the agreement and have understood its implications.

Demand for Pre-Nuptial Agreements is set to rise, especially now that a lot of people are marrying later or are re-marrying which means that they often bring property or money into a marriage which they want to protect.

On of the most stressful aspects of divorce is uncertainty – not knowing how assets will be divided. This ruling means that, provided there are certain safeguards, people can plan ahead with far more certainty than before.

Christopher Sandham, partner and head of the family law team comments “It is a good idea to plan ahead if you are going to marry, live together or enter into a civil partnership. A written agreement can do two things.  Firstly it can set out what should happen whilst you are together such as who will pay the mortgage.  Secondly it can deal with would happen if your relationship ends.  This can resolve many difficulties which may arise if you do separate and can reduce the stress, expense and time involved.”

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors have an experienced team providing specialist family law advice to the West Yorkshire area and beyond.

For further information about Pre-Nuptial Agreements contact us on 01977 732222 or see information on our website

Court to close in Pontefract

August 3, 2010

Hartley & Worstenholme SolicitorsOn Thursday 24th June 2010 the Ministry of Justice outlined proposals that will result in nearly a third of all Courts in England and Wales being closed.  

The closures affect both County Courts, that deal with civil and family work, and Magistrates Courts, that deal with criminal and family work.   

The effect of this in the Pontefract area will be the closure of both the Pontefract County Court and Pontefract Magistrates Court.   The nearest Court to Pontefract will be Wakefield some 25 miles away return.  

Clearly this will have a considerable impact upon people who use the Courts in the Pontefract and surrounding area.  

Most of that impact will be felt by people who cannot afford legal representation, are not eligible for Public Funding, what used to be known as Legal Aid, and the infirm, disabled and elderly who at the present time find it difficult to travel to their local Court in Pontefract and will find it even more of a difficulty to travel a greater distance.   This begs the question as to whether these people are being deprived of their right of access to justice in what the Government describes as “cost cutting measures”.   

The Government’s intention is to save some £36 million a year but one has to wonder at what price.  

The types of cases dealt with by these Courts include not only civil disputes but also, and perhaps more seriously, cases involving applications for people to be allowed to have contact with their children and indeed even have their children living with them.   

It has always been the intention of successive Governments, and indeed of the Courts themselves, to regard going to Court to have the dispute resolved as being a last resort and other ways of resolving disputes through mediation, negotiations and otherwise have become more important.   To that end Courts refer cases for mediation.   

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors are one of only a small number of solicitors in the local area who offer family mediation, see This is obviously the preferred course of action for all parties but in instances where this breaks down the lack of access to a local Court could well seriously disadvantage more vulnerable members of society and only time will tell as to whether the closure of local Courts, in particular the Pontefract County Court, is a good or bad thing.   

For further information, please contact Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors on 01977 732222 or visit

Mediation Services from Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors

April 8, 2010

Christopher Sandham - Accredited Mediator, Partner & Head of Family Law at Hartley Worstenholme SolicitorsChristopher Sandham, partner and head of Family Law at Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors has qualified as an accredited mediator.

Commenting on the development, Christopher Sandham said, “I am obviously personally pleased to have obtained my qualification as a mediator, but am even more delighted that Hartley & Worstenholme can now offer mediation to clients, as mediation is something I firmly believe in.”

Christopher further advises that his mediation services can be provided both in the capacity of independent mediator or alternatively as a legal representative of a client in a mediation. The benefits of mediation include, but are not limited to flexibility, speed, relative cost saving and the fact that the parties are not bound to accept a mediators suggestions, so really they have little to lose and a lot to gain from it.

Christopher brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of family law, specialising in financial issues arising from divorce or separation. He has particular expertise in living together and pre-nuptial agreements. As a Resolution-trained Collaborative Lawyer he aims to resolve family disputes without going to court wherever possible. He is a Member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law Panel and a Resolution Accredited Specialist.

Christopher can be contacted on 01977 732 222 or Email:

Hartley & worstenholme Solicitors Castleford & Pontefract

Growth for local firm

April 7, 2010

Hartley & Worstenholme SolicitorsHartley & Worstenholme Solicitors have appointed two new partners to join their expanding team.

Jonathan Sharp joined the firm in 2004 and has built a reputation as a determined and talented commercial lawyer. His practice covers all aspects of commercial property and general commercial law. Having previously worked in banking he has specific practical experience and business-like insight into client needs. He also sits on the board of a number of local voluntary organisations.

Jonathan comments: “I am delighted to have been appointed partner of Hartley & Worstenholme and I look forward to contributing to the future success and growth of the firm as a provider of excellent legal services.”

Victoria Maude qualified as a solicitor in 2007, after completing her training contract with the firm. She specialises in the area of Wills and Probate.

Victoria comments: “I am very excited about being appointed as a partner of Hartley & Worstenholme. The wills and probate department has an outstanding reputation and serve clients not just in the Pontefract and Castleford area, but nationally and internationally. I am looking forward to the new challenges that partnership will bring.”

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors

Managing Partner, Christopher Wilton, says: “We are thrilled that we are able to invite two such dedicated solicitors to become partners of the firm. Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors continues to move from strength to strength in the provision of high quality legal services to the people and businesses in Yorkshire and beyond.”

Other developments at Hartley & Worstenholme include the appointment of Paul Haslam as Practice Manager. Paul has been at the firm for over 10 years as Accounts Manager. He will oversee the firm’s two offices in Pontefract and Castleford. His responsibility is to drive and manage the sizeable investment in the IT infrastructure and ambitious marketing plans that will ensure the firm can compete and continue to deliver excellent client service in the future.

For further information please contact Christopher Wilton on 01977 732222 or email:

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors raise thousands for WillAid

March 31, 2010

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors Castleford and PontefractHartley & Worstenholme’s participation in the Will Aid Campaign in November 2009 raised an incredible £2,370 for the Charity. With the addition of gift aid, the overall donation is likely to be approximately £3,000.

“We have been involved in the charity for over 5 years now, but are particularly delighted with the interest in this year’s scheme. It is estimated that around two thirds of people in the UK die without having made a valid will, which only leads to complications for family and friends. Schemes of this nature can encourage everyone in the local community to get their affairs in order by drawing up their will and at the same time help nine of the UK’s best loved charities.”, said David Gaythorpe – partner at Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors.

The Will Aid Campaign is founded on the principle that everyone should have a will. Without a will, when somebody dies their estate is distributed according to the rules set down in legislation. People often think that they are OK because everything will go to their “next of kin”. However, this is not always entirely true and, even when this would be the case, the rules could be changed by the Government at any time. The only way to be certain that you influence what happens to your property when you die is to make a will. By engaging a solicitor to advise you and to prepare a draft will, you can be sure that you have considered all the possible consequences of leaving your estate in a particular way and that the will properly and effectively reflects your wishes.

Hartley & Worstenholme Solicitors Private Client Team

Hartley & Worstenholme offer a complete will service at competitive prices. To find out more, go to the Wills section on our website,, or contact David Gaythorpe on 01977 732222, email:

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February 24, 2010

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January 8, 2010

Jordans, solicitors, miners compensation, Castleford, Dewsbury, WakefieldJordans solicitors have launched a dedicated website to provide information in response to a high demand for from potential Yorkshire claimants needing information on how to reclaim losses on previous compensation claims. will assist miners who may have a right to claim the site is supported by a helpline 08000 839 736

VIBRATION WHITE FINGER Jordans to reclaim losses for West Yorkshire Miners group

December 22, 2009

Jordans, Solicitors, Castleford, Industrial DiseaseIn the last 10 years many miners had claimed damages for Vibration White Finger, a condition that involves damage to blood vessels and nerves in the fingers causing them to turn white, numb and tingly. The Department of Trade and Industry set up a Handling Agreement in 1999 under which miners could claim damages for this condition which was found to have been caused as a consequence of using vibrating tools in the mines. This agreement required miners to undergo tests to establish they had the condition and its severity. The level of the damages they were awarded was dependant on the “stage” the condition they were found to be suffering from had reached.

Unfortunately it has emerged that many miners were allowed to settle their claim without making an additional claim for “services”. Services related to their ability as a consequence of their symptoms to carry out DIY, gardening, car washing and maintenance or window cleaning as a consequence of their symptoms. Successful claims for services often amounted to over £10,000 and miners suffering from stage 2V or above were entitled to submit this claim automatically.

In some circumstances miners were either given no or inadequate advice on their ability to claim for services and as a consequence lost their chance to claim, the last date for the making of such claims being 31st March 2005.

It may be that those miners are able to reclaim their losses in these circumstances. Christine Sands of Jordans Solicitors, who have offices throughout West Yorkshire, is an expert in this area and is being approached by a growing number of West Yorkshire miners who may have lost out.

Don’t lose out again contact Christine Sands at Jordans now.
Telephone O8000 9555094 or 01977 518778